Friday, November 19, 2010

So I think it went pretty well

It actually was about 35 degrees when I started to run this morning. I wore tights, a wicking turtleneck, and a pullover, hat, and gloves. Just about perfect.

The first mile was a little chilly, but no way near unbearable. After that, though, it was a great 5-mile run. I saw one other runner, which made me think there are others that haven’t been able to cross the bed-to-winter threshold. Otherwise, I was one-of-a-kind.

Having commuted by bicycle myself for one full winter I know that takes even more determination than running. And I saw a few hearty cyclists out there this morning. One of them was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Not cycling shorts, mind, you. Just plain old shorts.

I’m not sure I get that, but more power to him.

When you cycle in cold weather your 15mph pace takes those same 35 degrees and applies a nasty wind chill. I remember the tips of my fingers and toes going numb almost immediately, but I also remember how good it felt to arrive at work knowing that I had conquered the elements.

The hot shower was worth it.

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