Saturday, September 18, 2010

MCM 44 - It's Cold Out There

Although the last several mornings have been cool-er, this morning was the first one that I would call "cool." The summer was brutally hot so early morning runs would produce high volumes of sweat even in darkness. Now it's dark at 6am and the first steps out the door are always the toughest.

I leave home through the garage. When I use the keypad to close the door behind me I become an official part of the pre-dawn morning. There is light from the street, but everyone is still asleep. When I put my headphones on I'm back in the middle of, "Darkly Dreaming Dexter," the novel that inspired the popular TV show. I check my watch, and off I run. Absorbed in the story of a serial killer who only kills "bad people," I have six miles to do.

There is a short time period at the beginning of every cold-day run during which you debate turning back. That's what makes staying on a consistent plan--and having a longer term goal--so important. Without the focus of an upcoming marathon I am certain that I would choose to remain next to Sally for the extra hour. On other hand, I believe that I'll be able to stay healthy longer and have many more days and nights next to her because I got up today.

Even on the coldest days, the chill goes away after a few minutes. You just have to get your heart, your mind, and your body beyond that point of no return.

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