Thursday, April 28, 2011

3-4 Thursday

Okay, I admit it, I got this idea from another blog. But it might just work for me, too. Instead of having a fully formed idea--which doesn’t happen often enough--on some Thursdays I’ll just share three things on my mind. Or, maybe I’ll just try it this once…

#1: Tornado > Run

The first thing I do when I wake up is listen to the weather. I don’t mind running in most conditions. In fact, I really like running in rain and snow. But when I heard that there was a tornado sighted in Lansdowne, which is not very far from where I live, well, I didn’t run today.

Normally, Fridays are a day of rest. Tornado on Thursday > Rest on Friday.

Texaco#2: $5 Worth, Please

To the attendant my dad would say, “$5 worth, please,” and he’d get most of a tank-full of gas, the oil checked, and the windshield wiped. Yesterday, I put $72 worth into my car. Pumped it myself. Couldn’t find the squeegee to do the windshield. Not sure how to check the oil… Oh, I guess one upside was that while I was filling the tank I could watch highlights from last night’s installment of “Entertainment Tonight” on the pump.

#3: Time Flies

I made a joke yesterday based on the film, “An Officer and a Gentleman,” that no one really responded to favorably. You see there was this maintenance guy on his hands and knees diligently scraping the dirt and grime out of a floor panel in our building. I said, “he must have done something bad.” Does anyone get that immediately? No? Free boonies for the duration. Nothing? I want your DOR. Get it? You can kick me out, but I ain’t quittin’?

I guess that movie came out 30 years ago. I got nowhere else to go.

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